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Gunga Din














Noah "Noah "  Watch Video  SOLD
Percheron Cross
13y/o (2004)
16.1 h 

Noah is an 11yr old 16.1h Percheron-X gelding - a fabulous all around horse with an incredibly smooth gait. His owner lost interest in riding and abandoned him. He is in consistent work. He has solid flatwork, is schooling 2'6 courses, and loves hacking out. He has a puppy dog personality and is easy to be around. He is sound, currently barefoot and has no vices. He had even fox-hunted several years ago. He would be suitable for an intermediate rider as he is a bit green, but is a quick learner and wants to please. More pictures and video are available upon request. Noah would make the perfect husband horse. $6,500

Gunga Din "Windfall Gunga Din "
Watch Flat Video Watch Jump Video
Half Welsh gelding 9y/o (April, 2008)
Bay 13.2 h
Sire: TF Count Bisbee
Dam: Windfall Bella

Ridden on trails, by children, pleasure, limited over fences. The best personality ever. A great laid-back personality. Wonderful ground manners, easy as pie. Has three siblings that went to Pony Finals. Good in the herd, not a trouble-maker. $10,000

Catalina "Windfall Catalina" Watch Video
Section B Welsh mare
7y/o (April 8, 2010)
Bright Chestnut (flaxen mane & tail)
13+ h 
Sire: Farnley Triton
Dam: *Lindisfarne Snowdrop

She’s super cute and always comes straight to you in the field. Very easy going and quiet on the ground. Casual manner with walk, trot, canter, trail rides, and jumps. $7,500

Star "Windfall Shooting Star" Watch Video
Section B Welsh mare
10y/o (April 11, 2007)
Bright Chestnut (flaxen mane & tail)
13.1+ h 
Sire: Shenandoah Cracker Jack
Dam: *Lindisfarne Snowdrop

Very dressy although she has no white marking to speak of. She has been ridden a lot on trails around the farm and in the woods. She has started cantering courses and doing lead changes. Star is very uncomplicated and easy to ride in the ring, but needs a more advanced rider on the trails. Star is handy an accurate with her feet. Potential to do the same as Max. She is a super girl. $6,000

Ariel "Windfall Ariel"  Watch Video
Section B Welsh gelding
5y/o (March 10, 2012)
Dapple Grey
13+ h
Sire: Farnley Triton
Dam: *Lindisfarne Snowdrop      

Fancy! Ariel is as easy going as they come! He is walk, trot, cantering with ease and jumping small cross rails. Nothing phases this pony! He has an in your pocket personality and always the first one to come up to you in the field. Ariel could be your next pony club, show, hunt field pony, you name it! This pony could do it all! $8,000

Galeto "Windfall Galeto" Watch Video  SOLD
Section A Welsh gelding
11y/o (March 30, 2006)
Dapple Grey
12+ h 
Sire: Shenandoah Gimcrack
Dam: Windfall Bella        

He is so cute that everyone who meets him, falls in love! He is a child-safe pony to walk, trot, canter and jump. He is currently being ridden in a lesson program with a 5 year old learning to ride! Gilletto will teach your child all of the ropes and will love every second of it. Very easy - green, but so cooperative. He has done some trail rides and he has cantered courses with the trainer. Easy changes in the field. Wonderful personality and amazingly steady gaits. $6,000

Max "Windfall Super Max" Watch Video
Section A Welsh gelding
10y/o “April 9, 2007”
12.2 h 
Sire: Shenandoah Firefly
Dam: Windfall Bella

An adorable bay gelding with 4 stockings and a blaze. Max is a looker- everyone falls in love with his precious face! He is a safe children’s pony for those who already know how to ride or those learning. He will walk, trot, canter and jump cross rails on a pleasure rein. Max has been used in a lesson program with children and is looking for his next job. Max loves to be groomed and always has a great attitude. He has been to a lot of in-hand shows.-first show over fences last winter. (video on you tube) Lots of championships in Welsh breed classes. Trail riding experience too! He's been around children quite a lot and loves attention. Related to many A circuit Farnley and Shenandoah ponies. $10,000

Sprite "Windfall Sprite" Watch Video
Section B Welsh mare
6y/o (April 8, 2011)
Dapple Grey
13.1 h 
Sire: Farnley Triton
Dam: *Lindisfarne Snowdrop

Sprite can walk, trot, canter and jump small courses. She is a lively, eager to please pony. Sprite would be best suited for an intermediate child rider with trainer or small adult. She’s willing to please, but does have energy. Sprite has the movement to be a hunter show pony, or is bold enough to be an evener or hunt field pony. $7,500

Marianna "Windfall Marianna" Watch Video
Section A Welsh mare
12y/o (March 19, 2005)
Dapple Grey
12.1 h
Sire: Shenandoah Gimcrack
Dam: Windfall Diana

Fat fluffy grey pony. She’s a well-trained and almost anyone can ride her. Quietly walks, trots, canters. She’s green over fences but is willing and enjoys it. She’s very comfortable and could make a nice short-stirrup equitation type pony. Also has the movement to be a hunter show mount. She was even broken to drive in 2010. Additionally, she is a proven broodmare; has had one foal. Loves attention and rolling in the mud!! Also likes being brushed….hmmmm. $5,000

Vespa "Windfall Vespa" Watch Video
Section B Welsh mare
5y/o (April, 2012)
Dapple Grey
13 h
Sire: Farnley Triton
Dam: Windfall Firefly

Vespa has a huge stride and is super easy to control. Currently in training with a professional and progessing swimingly. She has also done a lot of trail rides and is amazingly quiet. Has not shown a spooky tendancy to date. $7,000

Doris (Fast Booty)
APHA mare
February 13, 2001
Chestnut Tobiano
15.1 h
Sire: Sudden Impact
Dam: Runaway Reward

Flashy! This horse is incredibly calm, kid-safe, has impeccable ground manners, is a very easy keeper, and has a striking look in the show ring. She is very laid-back, stands for the vet and farrier, trailers alone or with other horses, shows, clips, ties, etc. A very sweet horse to handle, she is eager to please and willing to listen and learn from her rider. Rides in a snaffle, does her changes and is easily adjustable down the line. She's a fabulous mover who always catches the judge's eye. She easily wins her hack and pleasure classes and has been champion pleasure and adult equitation horse at VHSA rated shows. Currently showing at the 2' 6" hunters. Trail and field experience as well. She would make a superb Pony Club or children's hunter mount. She has a big jump and a willingness to please. Absolutely no vices or soundness issues. There are pictures available upon request. Priced to sell at $10,000.

Martha (Martha Stewardess)
AQHA mare
April 25, 1998
Sire: Lets Go First Class
Dam: Doc's Scullina

Martha is a sweet little horse with an eagerness to please. She is sensitive and always listening to you, but needs a soft, quiet rider to match her personality. She is a blast to ride with the potential to excel in any discipline. She is also a quiet, honest jumper and schooled in dressage.
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